FitWorx is a fully customizable and highly optimized fitness program, offering a guided solution to good health for anyone regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness objective. All members are provided with the guidance of a personal trainer at every visit, ensuring that each moment at FitWorx is valuable.

What is FitWorx?

FitWorx (Fit standing for functional interval training), originated from a fitness program written for Granite Medical. The objective of the program was to reduce or, if possible, eliminate medication for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Under our trainers’ directions, 25 patients performed our program for 8 weeks. The results were better than expected, with patients seeing decreased levels of glycated hemoglobin(A1C), decreased body fat, and healthier blood pressure. As a result, the patients continue to use the program today, and are still seeing decreased levels of A1C.

With this research, the administrators of the program found that the general public could reap similar health benefits from the program. This program encompasses many aspects of FitWorx, and continues to maintain the health of many patients.

What does FitWorx Involve?

Known as the Elements of FitWorx, the program contains a variety of different health techniques, including:

Functional Interval Training (FIT)

Weight Training

Cardio / Aerobic Exercise



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